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Church + Main

The Series

The pastor of a very conservative church passes away, and like any good conservative church, a search committee is formed to hire a new pastor. Deacon Roberts is the head of this committee.

Professor Gilbert, a long time friend of Deacon Roberts, calls to offer condolences and then suggest a great candidate for the pastoral position. Deacon Roberts agrees to meet the highly recommended prospect.

Several days later, the sleepy little town is awakened to the sound of a loud motorcycle. It pulls up to the church, and the rider dismounts the bike and makes his way to the front door of the church. He is former rock star turned pastor, Christian Graves. While sporting a scruffy beard and exposed tattoos, Christian looks around not sure what to expect.

Concerned, Deacon Roberts immediately passes on the interview. After another conversation with Professor Gilbert, he is persuaded to give this unconventional pastor a shot as Interim Pastor while the search for a permanent replacement continues.

Church + Main welcomes you to a quaint and charming community that is coming to grips with their roguish new pastor. You’ll be intrigued as Christian Graves works to get established, and discovers that this small town has PLENTY to teach.

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Church + Main

The Feature

Christian Graves has left his wildly popular band, the Graves, to pursue an education in Christian Theology. Christian never thought he’d find himself attending college, much less a religious one.

Being used to an adoring public and unshakable fandom, the murmurs and stares he receives on campus somehow seem more contemptuous.

Christian surprises the entire college, as well as the community, with his genuine demeanor and simple understanding of the gospel. In the end, however, his most adversarial professor teaches him his greatest lesson.

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