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Three Kings Studios, LLC (TKS) started in Florida, in 2009, gaining a reputation for making good things great! With experience in audio, video, film, television and live events, TKS has been hailed as being the “best kept secret in all of filmmaking.” The company moved to North Carolina in July, 2020.

TKS has been involved in the production of over a dozen short films, two successful television shows, and an award winning feature. Combined, the executives at TKS have over 40 years experience in the entertainment industry and over 30 years experience in ministry, making it one of the most uniquely capable and professional studios. TKS is committed to creating wholesome, Hollywood-quality entertainment that modern audiences have come to expect.




Our faith is important to us. We know that in today’s world, walking in faith is extremely difficult. However, keeping our eyes on Jesus and continuing to seek the Kingdom of Heaven keeps us grounded. We are able to tell truthful and impactful stories without ignoring the troubles of the world or God’s blessings.

We are never meant to walk alone. TKS always strives to help make the local community, wherever we may be, better. We support small and local businesses and work toward bolstering the local economy whenever possible.




Story Telling

History is passed down by storytellers. Those who were present told the stories so that future generations could benefit from the wisdom and knowledge. Sadly, storytelling is becoming a lost art form. As people engage more with technology, we find there is less storytelling and more sadness and darkness in our world. TKS wants to take part in the revitalization of storytelling. We want to bring interesting characters to the forefront and let them tell stories that inspire and bring more light into our everyday situations.

TKS never settles for just “good enough.” Additionally, we will never release a story that has not received our professional care and attention. We are working hard to ensure that we are producing Hollywood-quality stories that are helpful, uplifting, and honest.



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